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Minutes of the AGPU held at the Gwaelod-y-Garth Inn, Gwaelod-y-Garth, on 17th October 2015

Note - delayed from January & after 31st birthday run 929

Ponce Charming
Peter Pong
Sandy V ( virtual)

GMs Remarks
Daffy needs T Slammers to get through an AGPU. Get them in!
Rhian has apples.
Hashcash has agreed £50 from funds to book the AGPU venue, table, food sub etc.
Appreciation of the Hashcash.

Minutes of the 2014 AGPU
The minutes had been on the website but somehow removed. Webshite to investigate (Minutes found again on website - Webshite)
Those who had read them unanimously approved them.
Appreciation of the T Slammers!

Hash Cash Report
The Hash funds were in credit at £847 The hash camp had broken even. Subs to remain unchanged.

On Sec Report
Need more runs set in Cardiff area for 'student types' ( and banned drivers).
Imposter ran in heels today and in Australia in 1997. She was awarded a down down.
Hash Stats TBA and update on wehsite.
The beer was appreciated.

Hash Oscars
Nomination for the best run were
Run 925 3 Gold Cups , Southerndown - venue for next hashcamp?
Run 912 the Cross Inn, Llanblethian. - Scrum down to push the Daffyvan.
Run 919 Van car park Rudry. Best downdowns.

Nominations for the biggest sinners were
Run 922 at Unicorn , Llanederyn - Horse for getting the unicorn's horn ( get well soon)
GM for too long in office (she must resign!)
HO as constant FRB.

Nomination for pub of the year
Gwaelod for the rugby world cup.
Ockley Arms - run 926 beer festival.
The Country Inn , Brockweir for the 2015 hashcamp Run 915.

AND the winners were - Run 925, HO & Brockweir Hashcamp

Resignation of the 2014 committee.

More appreciation of the beer.

Election of the New Committee
GM - Daffy to set up Run 999
RA - PC & also On Sec but curate would be Dogbolter
Hashcash - Sandy V & also Hash stats
Hare Razor - Peter Pong
Webshite - Gadget & also Hashflash & Haberdasher
Aleing Hash - PC
Hash Glock - Sweeny

All elected unanimously

Summer runs would be Sunday except when on a Monday night.
Haberdasher to order some run jackets as awards ( can bring your own for badging if prefer ).
Gadget & Peter Pong to look into the unification of , and websites.
Next run 931 was on 1/11 at Gelligaer but clashed with MS 571. joint run?


Awards Due (almost) - PC = 300
- Dog = 299
- Seadog = 49
- Horse = 493