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Cardiff Hash House Harriers
Minutes of the AGPU held on 14 October 2017
venue Chez P Pong @ 6pm – after run 985 (33th birthday)

Bo - GM
Daffydildo – RA
Sandy V - hashcash
Gadget – hash webshite/ flash
Peter Pong - Razor
Mrs T - member
Apologies - Ponce Charming – On sec / curate

GMs Remarks
The GM thanked Sandy/Pong for their input this year. We achieved 24 runs. The camp was not well attended as a joint camp with IOW has not been possible.
Runs to continue as Sundays – except when on another day.

Minutes of the 2016 AGPU
Gadget asked about fancy dress. Yes – some of us did dress up. The minutes were read by all present and were unanimously agreed as a true record. The 999 EGPU had not occurred so would follow this meeting (with separate minutes).

Hash Cash Report
The Hash funds were in credit at £910 ( last year was £830 )
Most awards had now been purchased. Outstanding awards Gadget, Daisy and Seadog.
Need to budget for Run 999 so subs to remain unchanged at £2/m on DD , £25 /y or £2 /run. There were 10 full members.
The accounts were approved.
The committee thanked Sandy with down downs.

On Sec Report
By email - Could not remember what to report. Need to go back to putting up notices at venue pubs. Need more new boots.
Daffy to prepare poster for pubs and hand out cards for issue at park runs. Park runs are at 9 am on Saturdays so Daffy can not distribute – help needed. Volunteers for park runs needed at Llandaff, Barry, Tredegar House, Penalta , Pontypridd, Newport Riverfront & Pontypool. Cards/posters to say HHH only and refer to Cardiff only as or Due to Sunday traffic in Cardiff we did not have many runs there. We are not a public transport hash.

Hash Oscars
There were to be no nominations this year as the RA decision was final.

Best Grand Designs house – Ho & Bo ( special award)
Best run of 2017 – captain’s wife , Sully run 983 – Gadget
Most runs & hares 2017 – P Pong
Best down down Avoidance – Sandy V

More appreciation of the beer

Resignation of the 2017 committee.

And about time too

Election of the New Committee

GM - Peter Pong (but only if he agreed not to stand for Razor). – Peter pong elected unopposed.
RA – Daffy elected unopposed, was also to be Aleing Hash
Hare Razor – Gadget elected unopposed also Webshite , Hashflash & Haberdasher
On Sec – PC elected unopposed also curate
Hashcash - Sandy V & also Hash stats elected unopposed.
Hash Glock - Sweeny


2018 Hascamp. – Would be run 999 so to be discussed at the EGPU.


Cardiff Hash House Harriers
Minutes of the EGPU held on 14 October 2017
venue Chez P Pong @ 7pm

Peter Pong - GM
Daffydildo – RA
Sandy V - hashcash
Gadget – Razor , hash webshite/ flash
Apologies - Ponce Charming – On sec / curate

There were 3 options proposed.

1. as run 888 Concern there we no new run areas at Quins. Also preference for bunkhouse accommodation. 888 was a washout on Sat night.
2. as run 400 at Glyne Farm on Gower. This was a bunkhouse for 99 persons but would need assistance from SJ hash as before. This was unlikely and to distant for the committee.
3. Summit centre ( former welsh international climbing centre) see website
This was not reopening till 14/6 2018 . Risk not open on time but seemed no alternate.

Agreed to brand as 1st Welsh Nash Hash . MS had agreed and SJ had not commented. Need to discuss with Wirral & Chester. ( would also include SMEG and Taff Bash). P Pong had a proposal from Olly at Summit Centre ( rockuk) .

W/e of 29 June to 1 July 2018 was available ( to allow for construction over-run). Would clash only with Dutch Nash hash. Not much happening on UK hash scene so expect lots of bookings? Rock only prepared to offer full board inc some activities at £98 per head for weekend. ( Friday pm to Sunday am) Hash to get one free place per 10 bookings. Facility was brand new and full en-suite. Need to pay 100% by mid May. The committee agreed to charge £99 plus pay bar for the weekend ( ie 99 hashers at £99 for the 999). Late bookings and re-sales after mid May to be £130. To secure booking need to have £30 deposit by end of Dec. ( have to pay £20 to Rock to secure place). Full fee to be paid by mid May.

The committee agreed to book now for 33 places ( 30 plus 3 leaders) @ £588 from hash cash funds. Need to cancel if interest by end Dec does not exceed 25 hashers.

The venue can hold
38 or
44 or
56 or
72 or
All places still available at today’s date. We can increase booking when the demand is better known. For 99 we would need £1764 deposit.

Deposits / fee to be paid to CH3 Paypal account as for 888.

T shirts & beer likely to need sub from hash funds ( say £500 or half of funds). Need to discuss beer with rock. Have meeting room available for 99 or camp fire area ( weather permitting). If beer an issue consider Bedlinog RUC as pay bar. If catering an issue offer DIY ( for cashback) and use café in Nelson park.

Urgently need to contact hashers on waiting list ie
Wirral & Chester


P Pong
Mersey Thirstdays – Compo

Mountin Sheep - Sheepy

Need to work up programme of events. Had already done several recce runs in the area.